About the Journal and Contacts

Scientific and practical journal "Vestnik  IrGSHA" was founded on 26 November 1996, and is an important source of scientific, educational and practical information of leading scientists on topical issues in the area of agronomy, irrigation, biology, veterinary medicine, animal husbandry, mechanization, electrification, economics and organization of production, simulation of manufacturing processes.

"Vestnik IrGSHA" is registered in Ministry of Communications and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation (PI № FS 77-30938). It is identified by  International Standard Serial Number ISSN 1999-3765.

The founder of the journal "Vestnik IrGSHA" is Federal state budgetary educational institution of higher education "Irkutsk state agrarian university named after AA Ezhevsky».

In February 2010 "Vestnik  IrGSHA"  was included in the approved by Higher Attestation Commission list of the  leading peer-reviewed scientific journals published  in the Russian Federation, which should include main results of theses for the degree of doctor and candidate of sciences.

"Vestnik IrGSHA"  is the periodic edition. The content of the journal reflects the activities of Federal state budgetary educational institution of higher education "Irkutsk SAU " in the field of training, basic and applied research, providing scientific and technical services.

Individual papers are structured into sections the list of which may change with the development of the publication.  Sections may be combined.

The volume of the journal "Vestnik IrGSHA " is up to 10 printed pages. Circulation is determined by the extent of mandatory and contractual distribution but no more than 600 copies. The journal is published once in two months. Subscription index is 82302 of 10.01.208 in the catalog "Newspapers. Journals” Of the Agency "Rospechat".

According to the Federal Law "On mandatory sending of 29.12.1994 № 77-FL" editions of the journal are sent to the Russian Book Chamber, Russians State library, all-Russian Institute of scientific and technical information, State public  scientific technical library of Russia, and also to different institutes and universities of the Russian Federation, which is confirmed by relevant documents.

The journal "Vestnik IrGSHA"  includes materials of fundamental scientific and practical value, previously unpublished, prepared at a high level and is the result of research. The content of the articles should reflect novelty and completeness of the research results, the relevance, approbation of  the results.

"Vestnik IrGSHA" is posted on the website of the scientific electronic library Russian e-library in open access. Authors publishing their article in the journal ensure that the article previously has not been officially transferred for publication or any other use.

Articles submitted to the editorial board and accepted for publication are not returned. Articles undergo blind peer review. Editorial board has the right to reject articles that do not meet the above requirements and the main scientific directions of the journal. The authors are responsible for the factual part of the articles, legal and other responsibility. Any violation of copyright will be prosecuted. Reproduction of any materials of the journal should be approved by the editors. Each issue has a DOI assigned.

The scientific journal publishes articles that contain the results of theoretical and practical research of professorial teaching staff, graduate students, undergraduates and students not only from Irkutsk region, but also from other regions of Russia, near and far abroad.

Each article has scientific reviews from leading experts in the relevant field. Documents:  Application from the authors, cover letter from the organization where the authors work, 2 reviews (internal and external) are stored in the office of editorial board  at least 5 years in the paper and electronic versions and they can be provided on request to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.  In addition, the editorial board provides its opinion on the compliance of the scientific work and the possibility of the publication.

The editorial board consists of scientists by field of science and/or groups of scientific specialties: agriculture, forestry and fisheries, veterinary and animal science, biological science.

The journal annually participates in international, all-Russian and regional exhibitions and was awarded with diplomas:

- II degree at the competition of editions approved by DOI under the Ministry of agriculture of the Russian Federation “New knowledge to practicians” in the nomination “The Best serial publication” (Barnaul, 2012);

- III degree in interregional competition for the best academic and scientific edition of higher education institutions in the category “Best printed periodical’ (Omsk, 2014).

The journal promotes greater collaboration and networking of the various regional, Russian and foreign schools. Over the past years the number of respondents have increased. The journal publishes materials of the scientists from Krasnoyarsk and Altai territories, Novosibirsk region, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Biisk, Kurgan, Tyumen, etc., as well as from the foreign countries such as Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Sweden, Poland, Bulgaria, Mongolia , China, Great Britain etc.

Over the last years there had been published over 2000 articles.

The editorial board consists of: Chief-Editor — Jaroslav Mikhailovich Ivano — First Vice-Rector, Doctor of engineering science, Professor; Deputy Chief-Editor — Nikulina Natalia Aleksandrovna – Doctor of biological science, assistant professor; Executive secretary — Kusheev Chingis Beliktuevich – Doctor of veterinary science, Professor; members of the editorial board: Khabardin Vasily Nikolaevich —  Doctor of engineering science, assistant professor; Kalinina Liudmila Alekseevna —  Doctor of economic science, Professor; Salovarov Victor Olegovich — Doctor of biological science, assistant professor;  Kudryashev Gennady Sergeevich —  Doctor of engineering science, Professor; Solodun Vladimir Ivanovich — Doctor of agricultural science, Senior Researcher; Stepanenko Sergey Nikolaevich —  Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor (Ukrain); Arynova Raikhan Akhmetovna —  Doctor of biological science, Professor (Republic of Kazakhstan); Gornovich Roman —  Doctor of biological science, Professor (Republic of Poland); Kuzmova Klainka —  Doctor, assistant professor (Agricultural University of Plovdiv (Bulgaria); technical editor — Kaklimova Nadezhda Viktorovna; literary editor — Teslya Valentina Ivanovna.

Contact information: nikulina@igsha.ruiasa_econ@rambler.ru, tel.:  8(3952)237472, 8(3952)237692, fax.: 8(3952)237418.