For authors

Requirements to articles publishing in the scientific journal "Vestnik IrGSHA"

Terms of publication

1.       Articles should contain the results of research, theoretical, practical (innovative) development, ready to use and be relevant (claimed) at the present stage of scientific studies, or provide the scientific and educational interest, meet the basic directions of the journal.

2.     To correspond to the registration rules.

3.     For authors, except students, PhD students and master’s degree students of full-time education and extramural education, terms for publication of articles is an annual subscription is 1500 rubles, in such case the volume of paper should not exceed 8 pages. The number of authors in the article should not be more than five people.

4.       Processing of subscriptions to publications is done through the office of accounts department of Irkutsk SAU (TIN 3811024304 RRC 382 701 001 FTD in Irkutsk region (FSBEI HE Irkutsk SAU  PERSONAL ACCOUNT 03341439730) BANK: Main Settlement and Encashment Center, General Directorate of Central Bank of the Russian Federation for the City of  Irkutsk region. Irkutsk BIC 042 520 001 Settlement account 40503810300001000001 (for an annual subscription for Journal "Vestnik IrGSHA").

5.       The author can publish two articles a year on his own or in collaboration.

6.     The articles which were received and accepted for publication will not be returned. The editorial board involves an anonymous reviewing and has the right to reject articles that do not meet the above mentioned requirements and basic scientific directions of the journal.

7.     The authors are responsible for factual, legal part, and other issues.

The information about the author: name, surname, patronymic (in full) in Russian, the name and initial letters in English, academic degree, academic title, position, phone number and address for communication is given on a separate page.

Requirements for article

1.       The article should be sent by post: 664038, Irkutsk region, Irkutsk district, pos. Molodezhny, FSBEI HE “Irkutsk state agrarian university named after A.A. Ezhevsky, The editorial board of the scientific journal “Vestnik IrGSHA” or via e-mail, phone 7(3952)237472, 79500885005.

2.       The article should be submitted in paper and electronic format (via e-mail or electronic format) in Microsoft Word. The paper version must correspond totally to the electronic version of the article. Typing the article the following information should be considered: margins: right and left – 23 mm, others – 20 mm; indentation – 10 mm.

3.       Text of the article should be thoroughly checked and signed by the author who is responsible for scientific level of published material.

4.       Numeration is obligatory.


The structure of the article:

1.       UDC is in the upper left corner of the page: semi-bold, 12pt.

2.       Title of the article should be in capital letters, bold); 14 PT, line spacing - 1.0.

3.       Initials and surname; academic degree - semi-bold, 12pt., line spacing - 1.0.

4.       Name of the institution, department, 12pt, spacing – 1.0.

5.       Abstract should contain the main ideas of the research, no more than 700-900 characters (Times New Roman, size 12pt, spacing – 1.0).

6.       After the abstract there are keywords - Times New Roman, italics, 12pt.

7.       Further: points 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 are duplicated in English.

8.       The body of the paper - Times New Roman, 14 pt., line spacing - 1.0. The author briefly and clearly sets out the current state of the question, describes the methodology of research and discussion of the results; the title of the article should fully reflect its content; the main text of the experimental articles must be structured using the subtitles of the relevant sections: objects and methods, experimental part, results and discussion, conclusions.

9.       Illustrations to the article (if there are any) are available in electronic form, included in the text, in the standard graphic formats with image-related titles;

10.     Tables are typed in the word editor WORD - 12 point, the name of the table in semi bold.

11.     Formulas and symbols are typed using the menu item Symbol and equation editor MS-Equation 5.0.

12.     At the end of the article there should be the reference (alphabetic order) in Russian, 12 pt, line spacing - 1.0; reference should be in square brackets in the text

13.     Further - transliteration of the entire list of references.

14.     References are given in the text in square brackets.

15.     Thanks (s) or indication (s) about funds that were used are given at the end of the main text after the conclusion (Times New Roman, size - 12 pt.).

16.     Layout of the graphs and tables are done according to the standard (GOST 7.1-2003).

17.     Information about the author (s): surname, first name, patronymic (in full), academic degree, academic title, position, place of work (place of study), contact telephone numbers, e-mail, zip code and address of the institution.

Supporting documents for article

1.        Application from the authors addressed to the chief editor of the scientific journal "Vestnik IrGSHA", internal and external reviews. Each article should have two reviews  (internal and external), compiled by a doctor or candidate of science in the direction of the author's research. Review justifies the originality and relevance of the scientific article, logic and scientific presentation of the text, validity of the findings and conclusions; it includes the recommendations of the reviewer in relation to the article. Review is certified by the seal of the respective institution (organization), the signature of the reviewer approved by the Chief of Personnel Management and contains the date it was written.

2.        Graduate students and candidates for a degree of candidate of science need to provide recommendation signed by a person who has a degree. The recommendation should bear the seal of the issuing institution. The recommendation reflects the relevance of the problem,  gives assessment of the scientific level of the material presented and provides conclusions about the possibility for publication of the article in the scientific journal "Vestnik IrGSHA".

Registration of articles

1.        Received articles are registered in the general list on the date of receipt.

2.        Author (s) shall be notified by e-mail or contact phone number of the publication of the article (s) in the appropriate release.

3.        Deputy chief editor will notify the author(s) of the receipt of the manuscript within 7 days.


The procedure for reviewing of articles

  1. Papers received by the editorial board are reviewed.
  2. The forms of articles review:

-          internal (reviewing of manuscripts by the members of the editorial board);

-          external (passing of the manuscripts for reviewing to the  leading experts in the proper science field).

  1. Reviews are stored 5 years in the paper and electronic versions and they can be provided on request to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.
  2. Deputy editor determines if  the manuscript satisfies the profile of the  journal, if it meets the requirements for registration and then sends it for review to a specialist (doctor or candidate of science) who has the closest specialization to the topic of the manuscript.
  3. Terms of the review in each case are determined by the deputy chief editor with regard to the conditions for the most rapid publication of the article.
  4. The following issues should be covered in the review:

- whether the content of the article meets the topic stated in the title;

- if the paper meets modern research standards;

- if the manuscript is available for the readers of the article to whom it is  

  addressed in terms of language, style and arrangement of the material, clarity, 

  tables, charts, pictures, etc.;

- if it is appropriate for publication based on previously published scientific literature on the issue;

- what positive aspects and shortcomings are; as well as what corrections and additions need to be made by the author;

- conclusion about the possibility of the publication of this manuscript in the journal: "recommended," "recommended with corrections  noted by the reviewer" or "not recommended".

  1. Reviews should be certified in the manner prescribed in the institution where the reviewer works.
  2. In case of rejection of the article the editorial board sends the author a reasoned refusal.
  3. The article which was not recommended by a reviewer for publication is not accepted to reconsideration. Text of negative review is sent to the author by e-mail, fax or regular mail.
  4. Positive review is not sufficient for publication. The final decision on whether the publication is excepted by the editorial board for publication is made by the editorial board.
  5. After the editorial board made a decision on the admission of article for publication, the Deputy chief-editor informs the author and indicates the date of publication.
  6. The original reviews are stored in editorial office of the journal “Vestnik IrGSHA".


The order of articles consideration 

1.     Presenting an article for publication, the author hereby agrees to place its full text in Internet at the official sites of  Scientific Electronic Library ( and scientific journal "Vestnik IrGSHA."

2.     Articles are accepted according to the given schedule:

- Issue 1 (February) – deadline is November, 1 of the current year;

- In the number 2 (April) - deadline is l December, 1 of the current year;

- In the number 3 (June) - deadline is February, 1 of the current year;

- In the number 4 (August) - deadline is March, 1 of the current year;

- In the number 5 (October) - deadline is April, 1of the current year;

- In the number 6 (December) - deadline is May, 1 of the current year.

In exceptional cases, as agreed upon with the editorial board, the deadline may be extended for not more than three weeks.

3. Received articles are considered by the editorial board for a month.

4. Editorial board is authorized to send the article for additional reviewing.

5. Editorial board is authorized to carry out the scientific and literary editing of received material if it is necessary to reduce it by agreement with the author, or if the subject of the article is the subject of interest to the journal, to send the article to the author for revision.

6. Editorial board reserves the right to reject an article if it does not meet the requirements of the layout or the subject of the journal.

7. In the case of article rejection the editorial board gives well-reasoned grounds to the author.

8. Author(s) get(s) the notification of received articles within 7 days. In a month after the registration of the article, the editorial board informs the author(s) about the results of the reviewing and the plan of the article publication.

More information about the layout of the articles can be obtained via e-mail: or, phone 7 (3952) 237472.